Monday, October 5, 2009

Some of the weak poker tells

Weak poker tells   are aroused because of fear, and a strong poker tell is aroused because of strength, whatever it is poker tell is really necessary to predict your opponent.

If you see your opponent checks a hand, you can probably estimate that he is weak. If you see your opponent checks instantly then it’s a symbolic representation of weak poker tell. Its not always true, sometimes players bluff to diver their opponent’s attention. You can call ‘opponent quickly calling his bet’ a moderate or weak hand. If someone wants to chase you they will directly call your hand, though they have a marginal hand. Sometimes players bet in odd numbers than even, and those things suggest neutral hands. These odd limits are mostly seen in no limit games, players generally bet with fractions of dollars.
So players now you have got some weak hand poker tells to rock on, so just go in and rock the game.

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