Monday, October 5, 2009

Poker tells related to good hands

Poker tells are known for customizing poker and allowing players to explore secrets hidden beneath it. Though conventional poker tells are easy to find out and explore, online poker tells are difficult to understand. Thousands of players get confused with online poker tells, especially while predicting weak and strong hands. Here are some of the tips to know about strong hands

If suppose a player waits or takes some time and raises your bet, then that assures that he is having a strong hand. Or in other way, player saw a straight or flushes on the table and he is ready to make the big move.

Prediction in another way is, if suppose a player doesn’t wait for the bet, but instantly calls after your movement, then that also is an art related to poker tell. Though it’s truly poker tells it is related to poker bluff. So people be careful with these two good tells.

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