Saturday, October 10, 2009

7 Card Stud Betting Rules

7 card stud poker rules of betting are not known to most of the people, so here are some of the rules they can learn and analyze, and make it big. Before knowing about poker rules of 7 card stud betting, players should know about the betting structures of the game.

Basically 7 card stud rules of betting are classified as
1. Fixed-limit
2. Spreading-limit
3. Pot-limit
In fixed limit games the betting poker rules are fixed, and are not limited to some amounts. Size of the game is purely determined by the bet size. In a $4/$8 game small bet is considered as $4 and the big bet is considered as $8.

Spreading limit poker games bets are given some targets, and they are said to be between those limits. For example: if the bet should be up to $8 and minimum of $4 then players should put in amounts between those numbers.

Pot- limit stud is purely based on the pot, and it is no way related to any other game.

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