Saturday, December 12, 2009

Strip Poker Rules

Strip Poker Rule makes the official poker rule less official and makes gamblers more excited and winning the game very interesting. Many handsome boys, pretty girls will be ready to play the strip poker. The game will be lot of fun and entertainment. One can never win the poker without grasping the strip poker rules. The strip poker should not be played by the kids is the first rule of strip poker. There are several variants of strip poker rules. In the strip poker the betting is different from other games in poker. In strip poker, all the players or the player with worth hand except the winner has to take-off a piece of clothing. The rules have to kept before the play starts to avoid disputes & debates among players. The more bet a winner puts the more pieces of clothing have to be taken off. It is less possible in the play that you will end up in undress. If many strip poker plays, the more will be the excitement in the game.

Poker Behavior Rules

Every poker players has to know the Poker Behavior rules even if he is playing in a casino. The rules are for employees, dealers and patrons also. Poker Behavior rules are equally important to the official poker rules. The way you treat people, the same way they also treat you. Respect the players and this will help you in winning the game. Do the best and try to communicate with the nice players around you in a friendly way. The land based casino helps you to communicate with the players enjoying the game as you do. Never use rude words in the poker game. In any situation, be polite & reserved. If there is any problem, you can go and report your problem to the authorities or to an administrator. There is no rule that you should not drink while you play the poker. Be cheerful even if the players near you are drunk.

Omaha Poker Tips

Omaha Poker rules can also be called as Omaha High or 8 rules. There are many possible variants of poker that are referred as Omaha. Omaha is a community game of US. Texas Hold'em Poker is another community game. In  Texas Hold'em poker the two pocket cards are given to each player around table during play. In Omaha poker, four cards are dealt to each player and 3 cards are given to community hand. A player is Omaha has to use only 2 personal cards and the community cards to get a promising hand. So, a player playing Omaha poker has more advantages than a poker playing the Texas.

Common Poker Tell

The information in the poker is very vast. You have to all the information to play the poker confidently. Many players remember their hole cards if they are suited. But the players who are weak and whose cards are unsuited will take another look at the cards. The first player who bet will indicate his strength in the game and if he takes a second look at his hole cards then you can rule out a made flush. By this you can easily come to a decision that you are the best hand. While playing the game the players are to be closely observed. If you divert your concentration then you would miss a lot of information. While playing online you will have a little information about the players. It is not difficult to know the poker tells of the players if you observe the players without diverting yourself.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Internet Poker Tells

The visual emotions of a player cannot be observed when you are playing the poker online. All the poker tells cannot be applied as the player does not appear to you. There is a solution for knowing the emotions of the opponents when playing online. When playing the poker its a good habit to make a notes on your opponents regarding their styles. This notes will be useful for the current as well as the future games. If a player is chatting, then some of the poker tells can be observed. If the player suddenly quits from the chat then it shows that he is weak or sometimes the player might try to bluff you if he is have a strong hand. If the player is betting slowly then it shows that the player is very strong and trying to fool you as to think that he is weak. The player who is weak tries to check his cards frequently whether he is playing with a strong hand or not. Checking very quickly also tells that the player has a weak hand. New players can be easily caught with their betting patterns.

Reading Online Poker Tells

When you play a live poker it is easy to read the poker tells of the opponents as you are face to face. You can easily know his emotions and play the game and win game. But this is not the case with online poker. Here the opponent will not be face to face. You wont be able to read his emotions that easily.
There are techniques to read the opponents emotions while playing online also. The major tell is the betting strategy of the opponent. This tells the emotions and cards of the opponent. If a player is raising his bet in every hand and on the river if his bet is less then it says that the player hand is not strong. He is acting as if he is strong. The players betting speed also conveys the emotions of the players. This tell cannot always be perfect. A player who is strong sometimes tries to show his strength making the opponent think he is not strong. Sometimes the player with strong hand acts as if he is not strong. This cannot be identified. It requires experience to understand the situation and various tells.

Hiding your Poker Tells

If a player does exactly same things every hand then your emotions cannot be read by the opponents. The way you bet your chips is also a technique to hide your tells. This technique can be obtained by experience only. If a player plays for serious money then his words look like tools or weapons. Speak normally so that they dont read your tell. You can hide your poker tells by wearing shades and a hat. This helps you in hiding your emotions if you are not experienced.  But when you are playing online, your visual emotions cannot be found by the opponents. If you are not participating in a chat then you wont be able to know the emotions of the opponents. Wearing a shell also hides your emotions from opponents.

Poker Tells Used in Live games

This article describes the poker tells that helps you in playing the poker in casinos. If you do not want the opponents to read you then you have to know how to hide your poker tells.
If the opponent stares at flop then it means that he is not strong and he is taking some time to go through the potential hands in his mind. If a player stares at flop for a millisecond then it is understood that the bet making is very easy for him. If a player stares at another player then it tells that he is nervous that the other player may call him or bet. Reading the emotions in eyes is another poker tell. If a player immediately call for a bet, it tells that he is trying to show his strength even after having a weak hand. Reverse psychology should also be taken into consideration. A player may look disappointed if he has a bad hand. It has to decided whether that disappointment is an intentional feeling or the original. This lets you know in practice. A player who is unusually showing his strength means he is bluffing. When a player stares at chips of his, it means he is planning for betting.   

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to Play Poker Online

A beginner to the online poker play may not understand or know how to play poker online. There are a few steps to play the poker tournament online. First a table has to be selected by a click in the lobby or by a click on "Go to this table" button in lobby. When table window opens you have to click on the available seat to sit. Now enter the amount of money you like to bring to table and click OK button.
Click on SIT IN button when you want to dealt. Before the first hand is dealt at new table, you have to decide about the dealer. This can be decided by distributed a face up card to each player. The player with highest card is made as a dealer.

Features of Poker Clients

Poker clients have many features in playing poker tournaments. Additional features are added frequently. Some of the features are playing multiple tables, raise or fold tables, lobby chat, different poker games, betting structures, wash out abusive players.
A player can play at multiple tables at the same time. The raise/fold table option is also available in the lobby.
The chatting facility with other players is also available. All the logged in players can use the chat function. Several games are available to choose from like Texas Holdem, 7-card stud, Omaha Hi/Lo, Omaha, 7-card stud Hi/Lo. The betting structures like limit, no-limit and pot-limit are available. The players at the table can vote out players that are abusive.

How to play a private table

The poker table is important in poker rules. The two versions of private tables are private, unrestricted. A player has to send request to the owner of private table to join the table. The unrestricted version is like a regular table. You have to send a message for the owner of private table to accept your request. If you are accepted, then you can sit at the table. The game speeds are of 3 types.
Normal: This is same as standard table.
Adaptive: Dynamic thinking is needed depending on the people played before.
Turbo: These tables have shorter time for thinking. It is suitable for the players who like to play fast games and
           having constant internet connection.

Betting structures in poker

There are three different betting structures in poker tournament. Using these betting structures  the player plays the poker in different variants. The available betting structures are Limit, No-Limit, Pot-Limit.

Limit Poker:
      In limit structured game, the only valid bet or raise is the current limit. For example 5$ is the bet in the first two rounds in a 5$-10$ Holdem game. There can be a max of four bet raises in betting round. This include bet, re-raise, cap, and raise.

No-Limit Poker:
      In no-limit structured game, the bet raise must be atleast higher than the current limit or the last bet. Higher limit is not available. There is no limit for number of raises.

Pot-Limit Poker:
     In pot-limit, the bet raise must be higher than the current limit. A pot limit bet or raise can be the highest to the value of pot and all the bets at table. There is no limit for number of raises. 

RAZZ Game Rules

RAZZ game is almost similar to seven card stud high. The poker rules in RAZZ, the lower hand wins the pot. The high card (aces are lower) requires to make the bet on the first round and the lower hand acts first on the next rounds. The best hand is 5-4-3-2-A. Open pair doesn't affect the betting limit.
Rules of RAZZ
  1. All the razz rules are same as seven-card stud rules. 
  2. The weakest hand wins the pot. Ace are low. 
  3. The highest card starts the action. If lower hand is tied the first player starts the action. 
  4. Fixed limit games uses lower-limit on third, fourth streets, upper-limit on next streets. 
  5. The dealer announces all the pairs for the first time they occur, except face cards.