Saturday, December 12, 2009

Strip Poker Rules

Strip Poker Rule makes the official poker rule less official and makes gamblers more excited and winning the game very interesting. Many handsome boys, pretty girls will be ready to play the strip poker. The game will be lot of fun and entertainment. One can never win the poker without grasping the strip poker rules. The strip poker should not be played by the kids is the first rule of strip poker. There are several variants of strip poker rules. In the strip poker the betting is different from other games in poker. In strip poker, all the players or the player with worth hand except the winner has to take-off a piece of clothing. The rules have to kept before the play starts to avoid disputes & debates among players. The more bet a winner puts the more pieces of clothing have to be taken off. It is less possible in the play that you will end up in undress. If many strip poker plays, the more will be the excitement in the game.

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