Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Internet Poker Tells

The visual emotions of a player cannot be observed when you are playing the poker online. All the poker tells cannot be applied as the player does not appear to you. There is a solution for knowing the emotions of the opponents when playing online. When playing the poker its a good habit to make a notes on your opponents regarding their styles. This notes will be useful for the current as well as the future games. If a player is chatting, then some of the poker tells can be observed. If the player suddenly quits from the chat then it shows that he is weak or sometimes the player might try to bluff you if he is have a strong hand. If the player is betting slowly then it shows that the player is very strong and trying to fool you as to think that he is weak. The player who is weak tries to check his cards frequently whether he is playing with a strong hand or not. Checking very quickly also tells that the player has a weak hand. New players can be easily caught with their betting patterns.

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