Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poker Tells Used in Live games

This article describes the poker tells that helps you in playing the poker in casinos. If you do not want the opponents to read you then you have to know how to hide your poker tells.
If the opponent stares at flop then it means that he is not strong and he is taking some time to go through the potential hands in his mind. If a player stares at flop for a millisecond then it is understood that the bet making is very easy for him. If a player stares at another player then it tells that he is nervous that the other player may call him or bet. Reading the emotions in eyes is another poker tell. If a player immediately call for a bet, it tells that he is trying to show his strength even after having a weak hand. Reverse psychology should also be taken into consideration. A player may look disappointed if he has a bad hand. It has to decided whether that disappointment is an intentional feeling or the original. This lets you know in practice. A player who is unusually showing his strength means he is bluffing. When a player stares at chips of his, it means he is planning for betting.   

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