Thursday, October 15, 2009

History Of Poker Chips

In 1626 the first betting started, in 18th century the poker chips came in way of life. Before these chips people used to play with the gold dust, gold nuggets and gold pieces or coins. Poker chips and poker rules are real essential parts of poker.  Poker chips came into existence later on. In 1880 and 1930 there were several companies that came in the market and started making these chips. During this time fame round about 1000 designs came in the market and then people had lots of choices. But before this, people would play poker with the chips made with deference materials such as wood, ivory, bone, and paper.

Poker rules are said to stammering the world of poker. Generally when poker rules are not used properly everything would get messed up and things would change horribly then expected.

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